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Frau wacht in Bett aufElla One is an emergency contraceptive, which means it can be taken to prevent a pregnancy after unprotected intercourse or if a different contraceptive failed. For example: Must be taken up to 120 hours (5 days) after unprotected intercourse.

What is the “morning-after pill”?

The “morning-after pill” consists (depending on the compound) of one or two hormone pills. They work by delaying ovulation. If it prevents the nidation of the fertilized egg cell in the uterus or not is (so far) controversial. The “morning-after pill” has to be prescribed by a doctor.

If your period still didn’t start after four weeks, a pregnancy test has to be performed to ultimately rule out an unwanted pregnancy.

Can you use the “morning-after pill” as a contraceptive?

The “morning-after pill” is only an emergency contraceptive! It is not meant for regular use, since it is not as secure as other modern contraceptives. Additionally, there can be more side affects if used regularly, such as irregular periods. But even with repeated use there are no known risks to your health.