The following list will let you know what cost to expect. Mistakes and changes may occur so please always check the prices before any treatment.

Cash, ATM (Maestro) or credit card payment are of course all accepted.

Cost of an abortion, vasectomy, paternity test and other treatments at VENUSMED Vienna.

Abortion, termination of pregnancy (surgical) incl. anesthesia up to 10 weeks pregnant590,- €
Abortion, termination of pregnancy (surgical) incl. anesthesia after the 10th week of pregnancy640,- €
Vasectomy (separation of the spermatic duct)670,- €
Vasectomy (separation of the spermatic duct) incl. general anesthesia870,- €
Venus Check (multi disciplinary check of sexual problems) incl. hormone check230,- €
Risk Check I (sexually transmitted diseases)170,- €
Sexual therapy95,- €
Osteopathy treatment160,- €
Paternity test465,- €
PADAM consultation85,- €
HPV test (high/low risk)150,- €
HPV-immunization (Gardasil)170,- €
Chlamydia- Gonorrhea-PCR-Test70,- €
Implanon520,- €
HIV PCR I210,- €
HIV PCR II100,- €
Medical specialist gynecology or urology140,- €