From a certain age, not only women but also men can experience the same pre-programmed hormonal decline that, in women, is known as menopause. Because the ravages of time also take their toll on the male body, psyche, and sexual experience. In men, this is particularly noticeable between the ages of 50 and 60. This male equivalent to the female menopause is called PADAM, which means “partial androgen deficit of the aging man”.

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The change in hormonal balance and a related lack of testosterone can cause a variety of symptoms in men. These include, for example, reduced libido, erection problems, loss of muscle mass, irritability, depressive moods, general fatigue, an increased need for sleep and/or sleep disorders.

At VenusMed we offer a PADAM consultation, which consists of a hormone analysis and an examination by a urological specialist. That way, if you are affected our specialised doctors can diagnose the syndrome and advise you – so that you can restore your wellbeing and have a fulfilled sex life.