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Paar hat Sex im BettA balanced and relished sex-life adds to your health and a positive attitude to life. Sexual problems are often the manifestation of physical or mental troubles. A thorough clarification of the origin is the first step towards a renewed fulfilling sex-life.

Venus check

The Venus check is the comprehensive interdisciplinary clarification of sexual problems by a gynecologist, urologist and psychologist or psychotherapist. More about the Venus check »

Sexual therapy

The psychotherapists at VenusMed have advanced training in sexual therapy or long-term experience with the emphasis on sexuality. More about sexual therapy »

Love without grief

Almost everyone experiences this at some point in their life, regardless of being old or young, rich or poor, straight or homosexual: lovesickness. Out of the blue, often totally unexpected, the loss of a loved one strikes like a bolt of lightning. More about love without grief »

Relationship & desire (Beziehungsweise Lust)

Desire, you long for a relationship? – Your fear of getting hurt or the loss of independence turns you into a total relationship grump? More about relationship & desire »


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