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Paar im Bett mit ProblemenThe Venus Check is the comprehensive interdisciplinary clarification of sexual problems by a gynecologist, urologist and psychologist or psychotherapist.

What do I gain from the Venus Check?

Stress, problems, psychological or physical factors, as well as a number of sicknesses can disrupt the healthy balance, that we need for a satisfying sex-life and that can cause deep depressive moods and the complete stop of the production of happiness hormones in extreme cases. Libido-loss, virility impairment, painful sex or general listlessness should never just be viewed as a symptom of aging. The comprehensive clarification of the source is the first step back to a fulfilled sex-life!


Usually there are two appointments for the Venus Check. During the first appointment you will have your blood drawn for a hormone analysis. During the second appointment you will talk about the results with a doctor. During a following sexual counseling interview with a psychologist or psychotherapist you will talk about the psychological components.

Venus Check Cost

Cash, ATM (Maestro) or credit card payments are of course all accepted.

Venus Check (interdisciplinary clarification of sexual problems) incl. hormone test 230,- €

You can learn more about the cost of further treatments at VenusMed on the cost page.