The contraceptive coil is a medical device that is fitted into the female uterus for contraceptive purposes. It is called “Intrauterine Device” (IUD) in English.

Today there are two different basic types of IUDs, which differ in their function. The product shown above is the copper coil. It consists of a plastic thread with a plastic coat which is wrapped in a fine copper wire. The copper coil is typically shaped like a “T”, but it also comes in the form of a frameless copper IUD, which resembles a chain.

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The second type of IUD is the hormonal IUD. It is also called the intrauterine system (IUS). It is also T-shaped and made of flexible plastic.

Both types of IUDs are considered very safe methods of contraception because they have a high Pearl Index. The copper IUD has a Pearl index of 0.1 to 0.5 and the hormone IUD has a Pearl index of 0.16 to 0.33. If you have an IUD fitted, you do not have to remember to use a contraceptive regularly, so you cannot forget about contraception, as it may be the case with the pill, for example.