Vaccinations can protect you from infections with various sexually transmitted diseases. This is very important because sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can seriously threaten your health and well-being. What is more, through sexual contacts those affected can pass on many of these diseases to their partners without noticing. Therefore, they can also endanger the health of your sexual partner. The symptoms often only become apparent a certain period of time after initial infection.

Symptoms may be itching or burning sensations in the genital area, impaired fertility, cervical cancer or may even threaten your life.

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A vaccination against HPV (human papilloma virus) can prevent women from getting infected with the virus that can lead to cervical cancer.

Then there is the problem with the far less dangerous, but still very annoying vaginal infections. Many women know them and are unsuccessfully looking for remedies for the symptoms which are often recurring. But to the surprise of many affected women, there is already a vaccination against recurring vaginal infections, which we offer at VenusMed.