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The vasectomy is the most secure method of contraception for men. Virility, desire and orgasms are not affected by a vasectomy. For a vasectomy the two sermatic ducts are severed.

Process of the vasectomy

During a consultation with a urologist you will get all information about the prerequisites for a vasectomy, the medical procedure and all related risks. After that you will make an appointment for the procedure*. You can decide if you would prefer a general anesthesia of a local anesthesia.
The procedure takes about 20 minutes. You can leave our center after a short recovery time (15 minutes after local anesthetics, about 1 hours after general anesthesia). You should avoid physical strain and exercise for the next two or three days.
You can make an appointment any time at Venusmed, even on short-notice.

Follow-up appointment

At about 12 and 16 weeks after the procedure semen-samples will be examined. If both samples do not show sperm in the ejaculate, you can forgo other contraceptives.
It is recommended to have another follow-up appointment after one year.

Contraceptive for mature men

The vasectomy is suitable for men that are done having children. The legal age for this procedure is 25 years.

Cost for a vasectomy

Cash, ATM (Maestro) or credit card payments are of course all accepted.

Vasectomy (Spermatic duct separation) 670,- €
Vasectomy (Spermatic duct separation) incl. general anesthesia 870,- €

Included in the price is the consultation with a doctor, the procedure with local anesthetics and the sperm test to confirm sterility.

*the procedure is conducted by an experienced urologist.