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If you decide to get an abortion, e.g. a termination of pregnancy, you will be under the best medical and psychological care with us and we can perform an abortion until the end of the 3rd pregnancy month.
Short-notice appointments are available. You can call to make an appointment any time or you can personally come by during office hours to make an appointment.

Abortion cost

Cash, ATM (Maestro) or credit card payments are of course all accepted.

Service Cost
Abortion (surgical) incl. anesthesia € 590,- (until 10. week of pregnancy), € 640,- (after the 10. week)

Procedure of the abortion

It is important that you don’t eat or drink six hours before the procedure. The anesthesia can only be performed if you are fasting. You can resolve any questions you have during a conversation with a psychologist or psychotherapist. Our gynecologist will explain the medical procedure to you and go over all related risks.
After the ultrasound you will go to a relaxation room. There, you will receive an injection for a short general anesthesia from an anesthesiologist. Upon request, a local anesthesia is available instead of the general anesthesia. Once you are asleep, you will be brought to the operating room. The procedure will take between 10 and 15 minutes. When you wake up, you will be back in the relaxation room, where you can recover. You can leave our center about one hour after the procedure.
We recommend that you bring a trusted person to accompany you. They can stay with you and support you during this time, just not during the actual procedure.

Questions & answers

In this section we will answer some questions about an abortion and the cost for one.

Question: How much does an abortion cost?
Answer: The abortion, including counseling, ultrasound and follow-up examination costs € 590,- (until 10. week of pregnancy), € 640,- (after the 10. week)

Question: Who performs the abortions at VenusMed? I’m afraid to be operated on by a “beginner”.
Answer: The gynecologists at VenusMed are all very experienced doctors. They also all operate in hospitals and a few of them used to work in the Ambulatorium am Fleischmarkt.

Question: Can you get pregnant again after an abortion?
Answer: An abortion that is performed correctly under sanitary conditions by a doctor has no effects on subsequent pregnancies.

Question: How long does an abortion take?
Answer: The procedure itself takes about 10-15 minutes, the stay in our center between one and a half to two hours.

Question: Can the abortion be performed under general anesthesia?
Answer: At VenusMed abortions are performed under general anesthesia. Because of that, you are not allowed to drink or eat anything six hours before your appointment.

Question: I need an appointment for an examination very urgently, how long are the waiting times at your center?
Answer: At VenusMed you can usually get an appointment within 2-3 days, often faster. Just give us a call.

Legal aspects of an abortion

According to §97 the termination or abortion is not punishable by law, following the excerpt from the penal code.

Abortion – legal regulations

Here is a summary of the legal regulations:
Time-frames for termination of pregnancy
The impunity for the termination of pregnancy is regulated in the penal code from January 29th, 1974, § 97:
(1) The act is not actionable according to §96,
1. if the termination of pregnancy is performed within the first three months of the pregnancy, by a doctor after a medical consultation; or
2. if the termination of pregnancy is necessary to prevent a serious risk to the life or a serious harm to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman or if there is a serious risk that the child is going to be severely mentally or physically handicapped, or if the pregnant woman was underage at the time of the impregnation and if the termination will be performed by a doctor in all of those cases; or
3. if the termination of pregnancy is performed to safe the pregnant woman from an immediate, not otherwise avertable risk of life under circumstances where medical help can not be attained in time.

(2) No doctor is obligated to perform a termination of pregnancy or to take part in one, unless the termination is immediately necessary, to save the pregnant woman in an immediate, not otherwise avertable life-threatening situation. The same applies to individuals working in patient care services, in medical-technical services or paramedic services.

(3) Nobody can be penalized in any way because they performed a legal termination of pregnancy or they assisted in one or they refused to perform a termination of pregnancy or take part in one.

Consent to medical procedures by minors
The consent to medical procedures by minors is regulated in the revision of the law for children in 2001 (Kindschaftsrechts-Änderungsgesetz 2001, KindRÄG 2001) from December 29th,2000.
§ 146c. (1) Consent to medical procedures can only be given by the discerning and judicious child itself; when in doubt the existence of this capacity of discernment and power of judgement is to be assumed for minors of age. If the capacity of discernment and power of judgement is lacking, the consent of  the person in charge of care and education is necessary.
§ 21 Abs. 2: Minors are individuals that have not completed their eighteenth year of life; if they have not completed their fourteenth year of life they are underage.

You can find the legal text under www.ris.bka.gv.at.