Love without grief

Junge Frau mit Hut, auf einer Bank sitzendAlmost everyone experiences this at some point in their life, regardless of being old or young, rich or poor, straight or homosexual: lovesickness.
Out of the blue, often totally unexpected, the loss of a loved one strikes like a bolt of lightning. Many fall into a deep crisis after separating from a loved partner. Who doesn’t know this exceptional emotional state? A pain that shakes us to the core, that pulls the rug out from under our feet and leaves us helpless. That applies to older people after a long partnership/marriage just as much as to young people. Shared habits, plans for the future, security, as well as warmth and security all go away with a separation.
And even though this difficult psychological state can make you literally sick, it is often smiled about or seen as trivial. Sayings such as “it’ll be OK” or “time heals all wounds” might be meant well but don’t really help the people who are affected. A lot of people totally derail after a sudden split-up from a partner. Problems concentrating, loss of appetite, weight-loss, overindulgence of alcohol or nicotine, insomnia, panic attacks, depressive mood or even full depressions are some of the typical symptoms that can occur with lovesickness.
The love without grief (liebeohnekummer) – team at VenusMed, the center for sexual medicine, can help you fast and non-bureaucratically, to manage this difficult phase and to get back to life with renewed energy.

Cost per session

Sexual therapy session for individuals (50 minutes): 95€/person

Sexual therapy session for couples (50 minutes): 180€/couple

Please contact us for the cost of group sessions, which are individually coordinated by Ms. Mag. Müller.